Thursday, 5 July 2012

Simple Facebook Ideas

10 Simple Facebook Application Ideas for Fan Pages

Facebook fan pages are now becoming extremely popular in users as a promotional tool. They are simple and free of cost, anyone can create fan page for their desired purpose. But just updating status and posting videos is not the best thing to do, you need to do something more interesting to engage fans, something that create interest for fans to participate in your activities and spend significant amount of time on surfing the page. [read more]

Facebook to Launch Retargeting Advertising Platform

The social network is set to launch a new advertising service that will allow advertisers to retarget users and bid in real-time based on a user’s recent browsing activity. The new service will be called Facebook Exchange and is rumored to be available within a few weeks. [read more]

Optimizing Facebook Engagement – The Effect Of Post Length

People on Facebook are tired, busy, bored, hungry and utterly bombarded with a wall of chatter from friends, acquaintances and brands. They don't have more than a few seconds to glimpse a message, mentally shrug, and move on. [read more]

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